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Sacred Sexuality Coaching

Are you interested in expanding your capacity for pleasure? Do you want to learn how to move orgasmic energy throughout your entire body? Do you want to feel more vibrant, alive, and fulfilled?

If yes, please contact me to set up an initial session.

In our work together, you will gain specific tools for achieving sexual empowerment. You will learn to open the flow of life force throughout your body connecting your sexuality, heart and spirituality. You will learn techniques for enhancing your capacity for pleasure. You will uncover and heal sexual blocks and trauma.

Tantra is a form of Hatha Yoga that is often misunderstood or misperceived as primarily a sexual practice. The sanskrit word Tantra comes from the words tan, which means "to stretch or weave", and tra which means "a tool, instrument or device". Therefore Tantra is a way of stretching our consciousness, a tool that helps us to weave together apparent opposites like masculine and feminine, matter and spirit, dark and light, worldly fulfillment and spiritual liberation. Tantra is a spiritual practice that honors the divine feminine and masculine aiming to bring these energies into harmony and balance within our own being.